Change operations

We provide advice on marketing, logistics, administration and collection in the operations of exchanges providing comprehensive support from the beginning of the business.

Our clients:

Adama  Argentina S.A.

Advanta Semillas S.A.I.C.

Agrefert.Ar S.A.

Agrofina S.A.

Arysta Lifescience Argentina S.A

Atanor S.C.A.

Bayer S.A.

Bioceres Semillas S.A

Cheminova Agro De Argentina S.A.

Compañia de Seguros Insur S.A

Emerger Fertilizantes S.A.

F2L Fertilizantes S.R.L.

FMC Quimica S.A

Gentos S.A

Gleba S.A.

Helm Argentina S.R.L

Industrias Plasticas por Extrusion SA(ipesa)

Insumos Agroquimicos S.A.

Manuchar Argentina S.A

Nidera Seeds Argentina S.A.U

Nitrap S.R.L

Nova SA

Nufarm S.A.

Nuseed S.A

Nutrien Ag Solutions Argentina S.A.

Palaversich Y Cia S.A.

Philagro S.A.

Profertil S.A.

Provimi Argentina S.A

QBE la Buenos Aires Seguros S.A.

Rio Chico S.A.

Rizobacter Argentina S.A.

Rotam de Argentina Agroquimica S.R.L

Ruralco Soluciones S.A

San Cristobal Soc. Mutual de Seguros Gral.

Semillas Biscayart S.A

Sigma Agro SA

Sipcam Argentina S.R.L

Stoller Argentina S.A.

Summit Agro Argentina S.A.

Sursem Sa

Syngenta Agro S.A.

Tecnomyl S.A.

Timac Agro Argentina SA

UPL Argentina

Vetifarma S.A.

Yara Argentina S.A.


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