We are one of the leading companies in the grain
and oilseed brokerage market in Argentina.
As well as the offices located in Buenos Aires City,
there are branch offices in Rosario, Bahía Blanca,
General Pico and Necochea, and an agent in Resistencia.
Our brokerage service includes commercial, financial and tax
counseling; constant updates on market conditions and prices;
trading in national and international futures and options
This unit was created to provide an additional service to our
clients, promoting investments that preserve their capital. We
operate in local and international markets, using all financial
tools to build tailor-made strategies for each investor.
We have 11,700 hectares forested with pine trees in pure forest
and silvopastoral systems. These forests supply our sawmill
and remanufacturing plant located in the city of Esquina. This
industry uses 16,000 tons of wood per month to produce 120
containers of moldings and pellets for export each month.
The forestry and millwork industry processes are certified
under ISO 9001 and FSC standards.
Enrique R. ZENI S.A.C.I.A.F e I. is an Argentinian family business founded in 1940
by Enrique Rafael Zeni. The company started business as a grain and oilseed brokerage
and then diversified into cattle-farming, forestry, millwork industry, and capital market services.
At present, we are 710 associates working on different areas.
The activity is carried out on 35,000 hectares, with a breeding
herd of 9,000 dams. The system produces calves that are
rebred on the same farm. This production is used to replenish
the herds and sell the surplus. Within the production unit, we
run Cabaña La Victoria, whose main objective is to provide
our own herds with animals of a biotype adapted to the
environment of the region.
All across our commercial chain, we prioritize reliable relations, high ethical standards and
a clear water” transparency.
We understand that concistent improvement in our general performance and our efforts for
remining innovative conveys reliability and confidence.
We favor and promote stability and training of each one of our staff members.
We seek to add value in an honest and responsible way, not only in terms of the relations with
our customers, but also within the communities where we settle operations.
At Zeni we are strongly committed towards our country which would like to see growing again.
We look forward to developing new commercial challenges and to maintaining our current
projection as a company. We want to become an expanding national company that also
successfully supports international businesses.
1940: Enrique R. Zeni y Cia. is founded in Buenos Aires City
1965: The company’s cattle-farming activities begin in the province of Corrientes
1978: Forestry activities begin in the company's fields
1999: The industrial plant for wood processing is built
2004: The first forestations in silvopastoral systems begin
2010: The current genetic improvement plan for our herds is implemented
At Zeni we believe people are our most
valuable asset.
Their effectiveness, capabilities responsibility
and commitment have been the key drivers of
the company's growth for more than 80 years.
We promote constant improvement by means
of training programs to stimulate personal and
professional development.
Over 700 business associates, and their
families, are helping to expand the company´s
bonds throughout the nation.
Community relations are a prority in the
company´s business strategy. We have an
environmetal protection approach,
developing and encouraging actions to take
care of natural resources.