NORMA COMUNICADO AFIP SUBJECT PRODUCTIVE INFORMATION – SISA DATE 29-01-2019 AUTHOR DEPARTMENT OF TAXES – ZENI Dear customers, because in the beginning of the heavy harvest (sunflower, Pcia de Chaco), there were certain problems with producers to be given bills of lading or carry LPGs, the AFIP informed that, in most cases, the reason was that they had not presented the information of the area planted in the SISA system, depending on this situation, and in view of the “strong” beginning of the heavy harvest, it was requested from the Center of Corridors by the agancy, that you could read the following statement: Sincerely, SISA: Heavy harvest start-up Agricultural producers must report certain production data, so as not to have problems in the commercialization of grains and seeds. As of the 2018/19 season, the Agricultural Information Simplified System (SISA) is underway. simplified and significantly reduced the information that should be presented by agricultural producers and includes, among other novelties, a “scoring” for producers and operators of the grain and seed trade. In order not to have problems in the commercialization of grains, agricultural producers and their accounting advisors are reminded that the following production data corresponding to the campaign 18-19 must be reported: a) Stock of grains 8/31/18 . b) Surface of grains destined to the fine harvest. c) Surface of grains destined to the heavy harvest. This presentation is extremely simple and is done entirely via Website, that is, without the need to go to any state office. The form of input of these data is explained in the Agricultural Microsite available on the AFIP website ( Finally, it is clarified that in no case the fact of owning debts with AFIP affects the “State” in which a producer or operator is classified in SISA.